Pay Per Click Advertising – What Is It and How It Works?

In simple words, it is an Internet advertising model wherein the advertiser spends money on getting the ads clicked. This exercise is basically a part of every SEO campaign and there are rarely any separate agencies for pay per click management services in Delhi or other places.

The Process

Advertisers get their ad links placed on the sites with relevant content, based on target keyword phrases. The viewers interested in that content come to the sites and are likely to click those ads. For instance, an insurance product link put in between quality insurance-related information has high chances of being followed by the target users. People interested in getting an insurance policy will only read such content and will not mind being exposed to the relevant ads as well.

Google’s latest formulas also ensure perfect alignment of user’s requirements and PPC.


This is the biggest advantage of PPC. Advertisers only have to pay for the advertisements actually clicked or viewed can easily measure the effectiveness in terms of amount they spend. Recent researches show that paid search ads are clicked more frequently by the searchers.

PPC is for sure easily targeted form of digital advertising along with being measurable. You end up paying only for the performance, which is a really smart move.

These features make it suitable even for the smaller budgets.

Most Popular Options

Google Ad Words is unquestionably the greatest Pay Per Click options. Followed by Yahoo, MSN and Netscape, there are more and more alternatives joining the race every day. Google Ad Words considers an ad’s popularity along with the bid rate while the Yahoo! Search Marketing pays attention only to the rates while raking a website.

PPC advertising can be of great help to your business if planned well and exercised constantly. You must consult a professional firm like addicted 2 ppc.

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